Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Xmas 2009 behind us "Hello 2010?"

Ready or not, here it comes 2010! There was a quiet calm as I entered the walmart at 6am to pick up a few things yesterday, Monday morning after xmas.
 The store was quiet and there wasn't any workers trying to get the shelves stocked at the last minute, the isles were clear and glistened with a new shine. I had heard that there were great bargains all weekend but didn't get to go see, I'm still kinda angry because I didn't get one of the 200.00 laptops at Black Friday but ended up with a Rubbermaid storage set for 7.00 "Whoopee". As I exited the store the most beautiful sunrise was generating, the glow of reddish orange glow on the horizon, I wish I had my camera, Oh well. I cruised through the day wandering about the new year to come, will the job situation get better?, will business get better?. What about this new healthcare thing? There is alot of uncertainty entering into the new year, but Hope will get us through.

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